The bathroom is the space where you literally expose yourself. Do you need luxury in this space so that you can relax or do you prefer to keep the space functional? This choice obviously affects the Bathroom Remodel cost. Homedeal explains all costs for you.

What does a bathroom renovation cost?

The costs of renovating a bathroom vary from € 4,000 to € 15,000, depending on all your wishes. You will have to deal with demolition work, pipes may have to go in a different direction, the prices of tiles vary widely and essential parts such as the shower and / or a bath are now also available in very luxurious variants. View all the costs involved in renovating the bathroom in this article.

Pricing Examples

Curious about the total costs for various bathroom renovations? View the 3 price examples.

Cheapest situation:

The layout of the bathroom remains the same. However, a new floor is laid, you choose relatively cheap ceramic tiles. The walls consist of a nice combination of tiles and stucco. You opt for basic bathroom fittings; a toilet, a shower and a stylish bathroom furniture with a single sink. In this situation, renovating your bathroom will cost an average of € 5,000.

Average situation:

Some water and electricity pipes are relocated. There will be a beautiful new floor in your bathroom with natural stone tiles. The walls are for the most part provided with ornate ceramic tiles, the rest is plastered. You choose average quality bathroom sanitary ware and choose to have a wonderful bath installed. In this case, the costs for a bathroom renovation amount to an average of € 8,000.

Most expensive situation:

There will be a completely new layout for which the water and electricity pipes must be moved. You choose to provide both the floor and all walls with beautiful natural stone tiles. In addition, you decide to go for a designer bathroom, the plumbing is made of high-quality material. In addition to a spacious shower, there is of course a nice bath in this bathroom and a bathroom furniture with two sinks. 

Which choices determine the bathroom remodel cost?

The amount of the costs for renovating your bathroom depends on the choices you make regarding luxury. These are the choices you will encounter when you have your Bathroom Remodel.

Choice 1: Tiles

The type of tile you choose has a major influence on the total price. You can choose from ceramic tiles and natural stone tiles. When choosing your bathroom tiles, keep the R-value of the tiles in mind. The R-value indicates how slip resistant the tile is. Choose a value between 9 and 13, so you reduce the chance of slipping. In the overview below you will find the prices of various types of tiles.

Choice 2: Stucco

Choose stucco if you want to finish the bathroom stylishly. The cost of the stucco depends on the surface and the type of stucco.

Choice 3: Sanitary

If you would like more comfort in your bathroom, this will directly affect the total amount of the renovation. If you opt for a wonderful spa bath or steam shower cabin, this is an expensive affair. Settle for less and keep costs down. Depending on how much luxury you want, the difference in price can be as much as € 5,000.

Choice 4: Extra options

Do you want to turn your bathroom into a pleasant wellness area where you can relax after a busy day? When renovating your bathroom you have extra options that offer pleasant convenience, you can see them below. If you are still in doubt, have a bathroom quote drawn up with your wishes and then decide whether you really want the extras or not.

Homedeal savings tips

Showroom models

Have you seen a beautiful bath or bathroom furniture in a showroom? Retailers get new models every year. Try to get a showroom model and negotiate the price. The discount on a showroom model can be high.

Floor tiles

The tiles are a fairly large expense when renovating your bathroom. Choose ceramic tiles if you want to keep costs down. Ceramic tiles are already available from € 9 per m2. They are not fragile, low maintenance and available in a wide variety of colours.

Local company

There are many construction companies in the Netherlands, so also near you. If you choose a company from far away, you pay unnecessarily much for the call-out costs. It therefore pays to choose a construction company in your region.